The Preparation.

Sanding floors creates dust. When you prepare your home for the sanding process be sure that all your furniture is properly covered and all areas are sealed. The more preparation you do before the job commences, the less dust you will have to deal with afterwards. Even though every machine used to sand your floor is self-containing the sanding process ("dustless system") will still produce about a weeks worth of dust during the process.

The Sanding.

Your floor will be sanded several times with different grades of sand paper. The first sanding will be with a very rough grade of paper and this will remove any existing finish along with a pretty think layer of floor in order to expose bare wood. The sanding is then done using finer and finer grades of paper until the floor is very smooth. This will create a nice level surface for the application of the finish. B&M pays special attention to detail. Using an edging sander we will carefully sand along the walls. Hard to reach places will be sanded by hand until the entire floor is ready to be finished

The Buffing.

Before the first layer is applied the floor must be buffed in order to prepare the floor and remove any unseen scratches. It is impossible to see all the scratches when the finish is removed and when the new finish will be applied scratches will be highlighted. Buffing is also essential between coats. Between application of the finish coats the wood floor must be buffed in order to smooth the small pieces ("the crumbs") and achieve maximum smoothness.